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Together, we can create Better Streets for Kensington & Chelsea

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Bringing clean air, safety and smiles to the streets of Kensington and Chelsea.

A Safe Walking and Cycling Network

Create a safe borough-wide walking and cycling network so that people of all ages and abilities can make their journeys safely by bike, on foot or wheeling

No More Dangerous Junctions

Work with TfL to fix the most dangerous junctions in the borough and provide pedestrian signals at all signalised junctions

Fix our High Streets

Create people – friendly high streets where walking, cycling and spending time are safe and attractive

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Remove through traffic from residential streets by creating low traffic neighbourhoods for all residential areas in the borough

Cheap, Convenient, Secure Cycle Parking

Make it easy and affordable to park a cycle everywhere in the borough

Latest News & Updates

Notting Hill Gate: what’s next?

This latest plan is the output from nearly 19 months of local workshops and engagement events following on from another extensive piece of work by RBKC called the “Future High Streets” programme published in 2021.

The draft action plan proposes a range of sensible improvements, yet the council has seemingly ruled that it will not even let people have a say on safe cycle lanes and fails to tackle the blight of traffic despite them being consistent priorities raised in all recent RBKC consultation exercises.

Please have your say, the proposals are worth supporting in themselves but in our opinion the plans do not go far enough.

High Street Kensington Cycle Lane

The cycle lane on High Street Kensington is the only protected cycle lane in the whole of RBKC. It’s already a success. Cycling numbers have more than doubled even within a few weeks, and congestion is actually lower than before the scheme was put in. We need to keep it, and we need your help.

Usable Network for Cycling in Kensington & Chelsea

There are over 200 kms of road in RBKC. None have physically separated bike lanes. About 9 kms have been labelled as “Quietways”, making up under 5% of the total road network. In many places, they are obviously not usable by many people, and wouldn’t comply with current Government standards. Pretty much none are appropriate for more vulnerable users such as children.

North Kensington

During the pandemic we have all had a little more time to explore our neighbourhoods. As we come out of lockdown and enjoy the sun and all the new outdoor seating popping up, we perhaps are rediscovering what it is like to not just see our streets as roads and places to park cars but places to be in our local neighbourhoods. These do not just have to be places to eat and drink – they can be places where we can just sit and relax, for communities to enjoy, meet neighbours and friends for a chat, where children can play and places that are nice to walk or cycle through. They are places that can have trees and plants to improve air quality, increase biodiversity, connect communities; create networks of quiet streets that encourage walking and cycling, support wellbeing, reduces noise levels and make it safer; support local businesses and create new opportunities.

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