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Together, we can create Better Streets for Kensington & Chelsea

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Bringing clean air, safety and smiles to the streets of Kensington and Chelsea.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Through traffic removed from residential areas to create low traffic neighbourhoods

Blossoming Boulevards

Roads transformed into pedestrian and cycle-friendly boulevards, boosting local business

20's Plenty

Permanent 20mph speed limit on all roads

A Safe Walking and Cycling Network

A joined-up network of safe, direct walking and cycling routes

School Streets

Traffic-free school streets at school run hours

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High Street Kensington Cycle Lane

The cycle lane on High Street Kensington is the only protected cycle lane in the whole of RBKC. It’s already a success. Cycling numbers have more than doubled even within a few weeks, and congestion is actually lower than before the scheme was put in. We need to keep it, and we need your help.

Usable Network for Cycling in Kensington & Chelsea

There are over 200 kms of road in RBKC. None have physically separated bike lanes. About 9 kms have been labelled as “Quietways”, making up under 5% of the total road network. In many places, they are obviously not usable by many people, and wouldn’t comply with current Government standards. Pretty much none are appropriate for more vulnerable users such as children.

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